Update Your Curb Appeal

Update Your Curb Appeal

The spring season is finally here and homeowners can’t wait to have an HGTV worthy front yard and porch. Having a designed front yard landscaping highlights the beauty of the home and its architecture, but it also RAISES your home's values by updating your curb appeal!

Here are some creative and low-maintenance ways to update the exterior of your home without breaking the bank!


1. Paint

Adding a fresh, new coat of paint can completely transform the personality of your house. Of course, if your home has accents like brick or stone the painting over this could depreciate the character and value of your home. But for those without these accents, painting is the best way to beautify your house!

First of all, you should know to never use more than three colors on the exterior of your house. The rule to follow when deciding how to paint the exterior of a home is known as the 60-30-10 percent rule. The 60 is the body color that covers 60 percent of the home. The 30 stands for the color that is usually used for the garage and trim. The 10 percent is the pop of color like the shutters. This is a great rule to follow because it allows your creativity to add a color scheme to the exterior while staying in the three color limit.


2. Plants

Gardening doesn’t have to take hours of your day and backaches to look amazing! The easiest way to have a home full of nature without the hassle is to keep your flowers potted! Hanging pots, pot planted trees, window boxes, and vine plants are simple to plant and to water! If you have a garden area the easiest way to end the constant weeding and watering is to plants bushes/trees. Bush-type greenery and trees don’t require constant attention like flowers. This also allows you to use stones instead of mulch, an easier, prettier, less smell resolution to growing weeds!


3. Add outdoor seating

What is the point of a front porch if you can’t use it?! Adding seating to your porch can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like. Either way, it invites gathering and comfort to your home which is a HUGE plus to the curb appeal!



4. Shutters

Shutters are your chance to add more color to the exterior of your home! Especially if you live somewhere (like Indiana) where colorful flowers aren’t always a possibility. Having the touch of color from the shutter opens the house up and makes it appear more sophisticated and finished.


5. Invest in a new door

A new door is a more expensive update for your curb appeal, but it’s not always necessary! Your door may already have a great attribute, it could just use a fresh coat of paint or new staining. But, if it is pretty worn looking and letting air into the home it can be very beneficial to update the front door. Trending front doors include windows to let even more of that glorious natural light into the home!


6. Spring clean the weeds out of that garden!

It’s inevitable that your garden will have some weeds or leaves leftover from the fall and winter months. This is the time to clean it up! Take this opportunity to lay down mulch or stones so that you won’t have to weed throughout the summer!


7. Add lighting

Adding small light fixtures to the exterior of the home adds light (clearly) but also gives the home a touch of character. Lanterns or even a small chandelier is a simple addition to your exterior!


8. Replace old railings

Is the hubby good at handy work? Because here is a job for him! Old railings make the home look unkept and scream of falls waiting to happen. Adding a stable railing is the perfect way to show the house is stable and well taken care of. If the railings are stable but the material is stripping away, add a new layer of paint. Hopefully, you are noticing that paint is an answer to so many problems! You can also add vine plants or accent materials (like a wood covering) to cover the areas being stripped.


9. Add a touch of you!

Lastly, add a touch of your family to the home! A sentential bench, piece of art, or hanging on the front porch adds comfort to the exterior. Whenever you are decorating or updating your home, adding in something personal is what turns a house into your home!

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