Living in Broad Ripple Village

Broad Ripple Village is one of the six areas designated as the cultural districts in Indianapolis! It is awarded #1 in the best neighborhoods for millennials in the Indianapolis area. Broad Ripple is a cornerstone of Indianapolis youth culture and nightlife with a thriving bar scene, boutiques, and nearby Butler University and IUPUI!  


Living in Broad Ripple Village is perfect for whatever living needs you desire! Whether you are searching for a classic structured home, something a little more modern, or a spacious condo…we have it all! Living in the Broad Ripple Village puts you in the heart of amazing restaurants, bars, boutiques, and things to do!

With a rich historical role in developing Indianapolis, Broad Ripple offers historic homes, quaint small businesses in a walkable commercial district, and plenty of things to see and do. If you need help finding the living situation that checks off all your needs, Indy Signature Group is close by and is an expert in all things Broad Ripple! Just 20 minutes north of downtown, Broad Ripple is home to a lively mix of not only bars and fooderies but also art galleries and one-of-a-kind shops including the famous Luna Music!  

If you’re hungry, there are a variety of local eateries in Broad Ripple. Flatwater has a beautiful lighted outdoor seated patio; Public Greens is a contemporary cafeteria-style restaurant with profits going to charity; and Petite Chou with the best breakfast in town. Once you’ve eaten, there’s a thriving nightlife too. From traditional, low-key pubs to dance clubs and live concerts by local musicians, there’s plenty of things to do without leaving the town. If you prefer to walk around the town the famous Monon Trail runs through the heart of Broad Ripple! You can run, walk, or bike to almost anywhere in town!
Broad Ripple is close to downtown Indianapolis for commuting by car, or by “IndyGo“, the Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation.

The bar scene in Indianapolisranges from laid-back local pubs to college hangouts, to the perfect nightlife spots! Alley Cat Lounge has two separate bars and an extraordinary atmosphere. Broad Ripple Tavern is a comfy hangout to grab a couple of drinks and play a few games. Looking for something a little fancier? Louie’s Wine Dive and Ripple Kitchen is the perfect contrast of a chill atmosphere with a certain kind of class. Not to mention, for all you social influencers out there, this is a pretty picture-perfect place to be!

Broad Ripple is quickly becoming the place to be for young entrepreneurs! Walking distance to some of the best places to eat and drink in Indy. This pocket area has turned into the social grounds for businessmen and women that come into town for lunch along with hanging out for a beer or two after work! And it is could arguably be the best up-and-coming place to live in Indianapolis!

So whether you’re artsy, new in town, a foodie, love to adventure around, nightlife-loving, or just looking for a happening place to set your roots; Broad Ripple has got it all!

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