Fixer Upper Tips From Chip & Joanna

We all love watching HGTV and Chip and Joanne are clearly #goals. But, when it comes to buying a fixer-upper without the help of a design team and remodel experts; there are some things you should know. Here are 7 tips, according to Chip and Joanne, for when you are buying a fixer-upper to get the dream home you see on TV!

1. Look at the space for what it could be, not for what it is.

It’s hard to walk into a room and imagine it completely differently, but this where the process of foundational changes begins. The room could be empty the first time you see it or it could already be set up for a specific home purpose. Being able to see what to do in the beginning stages is not always an easy evolution to see. It may help to see what others have done with similar spaces before you. Of course, you can always watch our pals Joanne and Chip but you can also see how people change the foundation of a room in magazines, design blogs, or even Pinterest!


2. Natural Accents

We all love the farmhouse-chic modern styles of the homes on Fixer Upper and according to Joanne, it’s all in incorporating natural elements with modern. This important design step is possibly the easiest and most fun! Some additions can be as simple as adding in flowers, green leafy plants, or potted herbs. If you aren’t the best plant mom or dad have no fear! Cactus and air plants are here! These adorable plants are super easy to care for and almost never need watering! 

But, plants aren’t the only way you can add natural accents to your home! Other natural elements could be stone countertops, roughly finished or exposed wood, or rustic boxwood topiaries. You’ll notice a lot of the homes going for high asking prices on the market have these natural accents when staging the home.


3. Go For Quality Materials

This is an important tip from Chip when you are working on your fixer-upper. Having high-quality materials is the most important thing to consider when working on your home. You don’t want any of your work to only last a few months, you want this to last years or even decades! But, this doesn’t mean you have to spend crazy amounts of money on materials. You can easily find and restore quality products like Chip and Joanne do in every episode of Fixer Upper. You can spend the same amount of money on restoring quality materials as you would on an inferior product. If you ever do decide to sell or flip your fixer-upper, having these quality foundations will significantly impact your resale value!

4. Let the Light Shine!

A favorite way that Joanne spruces up a room is by adding in a lot of light, and mostly natural light. New, bigger windows in any room make for a much more open, light, airy feel. But, let’s face it sometimes an abundance of windows just isn’t possible and windows can get expensive! Creative light fixtures are a great way to add in some light while really adding to the design of the room. Canned ceiling lights and hidden lights add beautiful accents and useful. But, adding in a row of lanterns or chandeliers are the perfect ways to get more light and more fashion!


5. Start at Your Comfort Level 

You would never learn how to drive in the batmobile or put your 2-year-old on a two-wheel bike when they are just learning to ride. You want to take baby steps. Renovating a fixer-upper is no different! You want to start in your comfort zone. Don’t jump into a complicated-looking project just because you saw it on TV or have seen other people do it. Feel comfortable at your starting point!


6. Neutral All Throughout

Joanne creates seamlessly perfect homes because every one of her rooms compliments each other. Neutral colors like taupes, greys, creams, blacks, and browns should be your signature design palette when fixing up your fixer-upper. Having this palette of neutrality does 3 things for every room in your house: allows focal points to stand out, opens and brightens the room, makes the house feel clean and cohesive.

7. Play it Safe

With paint, you have the room and budget to make mistakes or change your mind. But when it comes to the foundation, plumbing, electricity, or walls, making a mistake can literally hurt you and cause big damages to your budget! If you aren’t an expert in one of the areas and you plan to renovate it, get a professional! Spend the money to get an expert opinion and play it safe. Your real estate agent can even provide you with some amazing references for experts before you even step foot in your new house.

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