7 Steps to an Offer Winning Open House

An open house is one of the top ways to receive an offer above or at the listing price! When somebody physically walks through your home they can picture their furniture, family, and life there. The potential buyers truly get a feel for what living in the house would be like. This is your chance to make a first impression on the buyers of the world! Make sure they see it and make sure they’ll love it!

1. Live stream or video tour

A great way to market your home even before the open house date is by giving a virtual tour. The lead specialist buyer at ISG Property Collection, Stephanie Pike, does an amazing job at this. Having a professional real estate agent like Stephanie does a virtual tour is a great idea because a real estate agent has access to a larger pool of potential buyers. This is also something you can do yourself on social media platforms like Instagram live and Facebook live. Click HERE to see one Stephanie has done recently. 


2. Use a good real estate agent

This step is first because it’s the most important! While it is possible to sell by owner, it makes the process much more difficult, more stressful, longer, and statistics show you are likely to end up with even less money in your pocket!  Choosing the best real estate agent for you is the first and most important part of selling your home. This agent is going to be your guide from start to finish. Ultimately, the agent is the mold for the success of your experience. The best agent for you is somebody who understands your specific goals and has the ability to achieve them.

3. Stage the home

One of the easiest and most beneficial things you can do to sell your house fast and at a great price is staging the home. Staging the home puts focus on the benefits of the house and makes the undesirable features less apparent.

Visit our friends at HER Home Design to schedule a home staging consultation today!

4. Give yourself at least 3 days to market your open house

The more people that come to your open house= the more potential offers you could receive. So, of course, you want a lot of people to come out! We usually suggest allowing at least 3 days before the open house date to market. A real estate agent will take care of this for you, but if you do choose to sell by owner then you should be advertising for numerous days prior to the day of the open house. Give potential buyers time a heads up to mark their calendars!


5. Be smart about when you schedule your open house

Try to schedule your open house for a time that is normally available for potential buyers. You wouldn’t want to schedule an open house for the middle of a workday, this automatically eliminates most of your targeted buyers because…they are at work! Remember this doesn’t relate to just a specific time. Don’t schedule too close to the holidays or on a big game day. A good rule of them is to just think “when would I be available to go look at an open house”.


6. Let there be light

A favorite way that Joanne spruces up a room is by adding in a lot of light, and mostly natural light. This is a great way to make your house more attractive to potential buyers.  Creative light fixtures are a great way to add in some light while really adding to the design of the room. Canned ceiling lights and hidden lights add beautiful accents and useful. But, adding in a row of lanterns or chandeliers are the perfect ways to get more light and more fashion when staging! Most importantly, try to let in as much natural light as possible!


7. Provide Information

Give every person that walks through the door tangible handouts. Statistics show that if a person physically sees and holds something with the information that they are more likely to remember it. Also, if somebody has a paper with a photo of your home and some information then they will have it easily accessible when considering home options.

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