5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Property

1. Rushing

Selling your home is a significant decision and there is a great deal of money involved in the process. There are also a lot of parts that go into correctly selling a home; and as you should know by now, correctly selling your home is a huge advantage! If you rush different areas of the process like listing photos, staging, renovations, and putting the house on the market, you could be decreasing the amount of money you receive for your house!

Having a good real estate agent is a great asset to ensure you aren’t missing any steps in the selling game! They can tell you the market conditions in the area, how much the home is worth, ways to increase the value, and SO MUCH MORE. Knowing these things helps you not make other mistakes like listing for the wrong price or wrong time. Selling a home takes a lot of patience, don’t rush it!


2. Not Preparing The House

Not staging and cleaning up your home before the listing would be pouring money down the drain. This doesn’t mean you have to hire a professional! You can get an HGTV worthy house with simple and cheap changes. Even something as simple as knowing the current design trends and switching up a few throw pillows can significantly increase your home's worth to potential buyers. Failing to prepare your house could not only lead to a lower sale price but could also prevent you from offers completely.

 Decluttering, renovating (major or minor), updating appliances, painting, etc. are all things you can easily DIY to increase your home value! It may help to get a fresh pair of eyes into the home. Sometimes you become used to things that could need updating, like a difficult doorknob, that somebody else will immediately notice. When your house has minor issues (even a loose doorknob) potential buyers view that as a warning there may be bigger issues.

3. Skimping on The Listing Photos

We live in a digital world. If you don’t put GOOD listing photos online of your house you are doing a huge disservice to yourself as the seller. The majority of individuals house searching nowadays are doing it online. This could be great for you but if you don’t play your cards right it could destroy your sale.


You need to have photos of your home, the more the merrier. When people are scrolling through homes all day they aren’t even going to stop to look at one that doesn’t show photos.


Your photos need to be of good quality. A picture is basically setting the worth of your house without any words, and let’s face it, most people aren’t taking the time to read your home description until after they have decided the look of your house is something they like.

Listing photos are a part of the selling process that a real estate agent can add great expertise on! Indy Signature Group does an incredible job using professional photos for every one of their listings. They work closely with professional photographers to ensure your house stands out! This is a major advantage strategy. There are different ways to manipulate light and angles in order to make a room appear larger, cleaner, and more open. A good photo needs to be crisp and clear. The more pictures the better. You should try to post a picture of every room, displaying the best rooms first. Ideally, you want to hire a professional for this part because it is so vital. But just like every part of the selling process, it is possible to do it yourself!

4. Getting Too Emotional

Selling your home can have a physical and psychological toll on your body. You may not have a strong attachment to the home, but more likely than not, you have grown to like your house very much. Even if you are ready to sell and move, a home still holds incredible value in memories. This makes it pretty dang easy to feel emotional when it comes to selling. However, that can blur your judgment on the worth of your house and the offer you are willing to accept. To get the most out of your sale it is important to treat it as a business transaction (And really, it is!) and not allow your emotions to determine your rationale.

5. Not Hiring An Agent

Although it is possible, it is probably ill-advised to try to sell your home without a real estate agent. A good agent will help you understand the market, the right asking price and walk away point, and how to competitively sell your house. Also, agents are familiar with the tedious, detailed paperwork. They will ensure that this process is smooth and easy for you. Helping you negotiate and ensuring you get a fair price for your home. A good real estate agent will be by your side from the beginning all the way to the closing day to make sure you are happy with your sale. And after the sale, you will probably be in the market for a new house! What a better way to find your new home than with the people you already have learned to love and trust!

 You should always look into realtor options before landing on one. Look at reviews, previous homes they have sold, and their current listings.


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